Harvard LED Business Acquired By Gallant Lighting Group

Harvard Power Systems Limited has been recently formed following the purchase of IP and related assets of the company Harvard Technology Limited to re-establish sales of the popular Harvard LED drivers and LED light-sources.

Now art of Gallant Lighting, a global group of companies, the new Harvard business will operate from its sales and engineering base near Leeds UK whilst all production has been relocated to its specialist electronics manufacturing facilities in India.

Gallant Lighting also recently acquired Venture Lighting India which will bring significant and comprehensive manufacturing expertise to the group.

The UK based Harvard Power Systems business retains a group of key personnel from the previous Harvard Technology company and will benefit from their extensive knowledge and skillset in the product engineering, material procurement and technical design & development of the well-respected Harvard LED product portfolio.

“Harvard has a long history of first class products and excellent product development. We are very excited to be re-launching this great range of products and to build upon these with the latest state-of-the-art designs such as our CLi15 and CLi40 high specification LED drivers” explained Mark Needham, Managing Director of Harvard Power Systems. “Our lower cost base production and proven history of our Venture Lighting India manufacturing facilities will enable us to confidently produce the highest quality, UK designed and engineered LED lighting components to offer an increasingly competitive marketplace”.

Working with both historical and newly introduced OEM and distribution customers in the UK and across mainland Europe, Harvard Power Systems will concentrate on its range of LED Drivers and LED light-sources while partnering with industry leading providers of controls, connected lighting and IOT enabled devices to incorporate into its drivers and product packages.